What An Impact May Plagiarism Make To Your Future Career

Technology has always been praised for its sophistication and high calibre. When used properly, it can make you fly with high colours but misuse of its superiority can charge you heavily. Students these days are so used to technology, it seems like the generation’s future depends on the skills they develop through technology alone. But at the same time, the darkest sides of technology can ruin their future too.

One such recent practice of students is plagiarism, which reflects the recklessness and ignorance of the students towards their assignments or any assigned work. Not only students but also other reputed professionals practice plagiarism too very often.

Let’s learn what the word “Plagiarism” actually means and what an impact can it have on our future career?

What is Plagiarism

Basically, plagiarism is a wrongful act, which can be described as stealing of one’s ideas, thoughts or expressions and representing them as your own work. It is considered as an academic dishonesty and a breach of Journalists ethics. This can be subject to various sanctions like penalties, suspensions, and even expulsions. Plagiarizing is not a crime in itself but is considered as a serious ethical offence in academics and industries.


Impact of Plagiarism on your career

While in this era of highly sophisticated technology, Plagiarizing is a false move because of the popularity of Plagiarism checkers that is rapidly increasing. So, you got to batten down the hatches if you are following the plagiarism because once accused of plagiarism, the guilty party will always be regarded with suspicion. Ignorance cannot be an excuse for any form of plagiarism, whether it is blatant or subtle. Keep yourself informed!

Though academic institutions treat plagiarism as an especially punishable offence, plagiarism is practised more within the academic arena itself. A student once accused of plagiarism in most cases being expelled from higher education institution. This ethical violation remains on a student’s permanent record haunting them for their remaining academic career.

Not only the educational institutions are prone to this false practice, but other professional entities, companies, industries too practice it. And as a result, the person involved is always suspected for his work or sometimes this act can even be a full stop for your career.

The real consequence of plagiarism

Well, the accusation of plagiarism is like booting off the ship of career.

The University of Virginia has a single sanction honour code, which means that a student faces expulsion after the violation of the honour code, and so did Ms.Routman. In accordance with her statements, she was given a class assignment to watch a movie and write a paper relating the film to shipboard experiences for which she was accused of replicating the phrases from the online synopsis of movie and was expelled from the semester due to which she had to begin the course from a different university again.

Similarly, there are many cases regarding plagiarism in the universities of UK. The Universities of Britain are in the midst of “Plagiarism epidemic” as an investigation disclosed around how 50,000 students were caught plagiarizing – independent UK. news And according to the reports, the University of Kent, UK has come up with the highest number of misconduct cases and expulsions of around 1,947.


Ways to avert Plagiarism

The plagiarism aversion should be two-directional, from the academic staff as well as from the students.

It is important for you to learn the ways you can avoid the plagiarism because it is easy to search for the information online for your documents but adding that information to your documents without falling into the plagiarism trap is quite difficult.

Impact of Plagiarism

  • Universities should regulate strict rules for the staff and for the students to avoid plagiarism.
  • The staff involved in the ethical violation should be suspended from the service.
  • The professors and teachers should counsel the students about the negative impacts of plagiarism on their career.
  • The students before submitting their projects or assignment should ensure that it is plagiarized free.
  • To avoid the plagiarism, the student can use online available plagiarism checker tools like Plagramme.
  • Avoid paraphrasing and citing your own material which is a kind of self-plagiarism.
  • Refer the content, understand it and try to represent it in a way that you can prove your creativity, which can be the gravy of your work.
  • Make yourself good at writing and understanding the concept.

These are only a few ways you can follow to keep yourself away from plagiarism.

Impact of Plagiarism

How Plagramme can help you

Well, if you are looking for an extra pair of hands to head off plagiarism, then Plagramme would be a great choice for you.

Plagramme is one of the most used top notched featured plagiarism checker.

It helps you to detect all the plagiarized content, which is paraphrased or is badly cited, by highlighting different results in different colours for you to identify easily.

All you need to do is to sign up and upload your document to Plagramme.

In no time, the plagiarized content is highlighted with different colours which symbolize different types of plagiarism.

And the matched text is displayed in the form of links, which directs to the original content.

Here is a clear example of how accurately Plagramme detects the plagiarized content.

Impact of Plagiarism

Amazing isn’t it?

This plagiarism checker tool is a saviour, is user-friendly and simple to use.

This tool can effortlessly deploy the applications to squash the unexpected plagiarism.

Word of Advice

Developing your writing skills through assignments, and consistently and accurately acknowledging the source of ideas will not only result in the betterment of the quality of your assignments but will also maintain the standard of your academic integrity at the university.

Make use of technology in the best way you can to refer various writing styles.

This practice will not only keep you well informed but will also keep you from being plagiarism charged.

Don’t let just one false move ruin your bright career.

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