What is OTA update and How to Apply OTA Updates

OTA An over-the-air upgrade is that the wireless delivery of brand new data or software to cellular telephones and tablets. Wireless carriers also have traditionally utilized over-the-air upgrades to set up the firmware and configure telephones for use in their own networks.  The initialization of a recently bought phone, as an instance, necessitates an over-the-air upgrade.  With the growth of tablets and smartphones, manufacturers and carriers also have turned into over-the-air upgrades for brand new operating systems to those devices.

Android Devices in the area can receive and set up over-the-air (OTA) upgrades into the program and system program. This section explains the arrangement of the upgrade packages as well as the tools given to construct them. It’s meant for programmers that wish to create the OTA upgrade system function on new Android apparatus and people that are building upgrade packages to be used with devices that are released. OTA updates are intended to update the underlying operating system as well as the read-only programs installed on the system partition; those upgrades do not influence programs installed by the consumer from Google Play.

For receiving OTA upgrades your device ought to have the ability to support this attribute.  To know whether your device has Upgradable android O.S. you are going to have to check if you’ve got upgradeable Android version by checking your leaves site or simply by using Google.  This is not simple to determine, however when the update you are searching for is made accessible by the manufacturer, then you can easily track down that information over the net and proceed. Some manufacturers like Micromax and many others do not send you OTA update but release OTA updates to be updated manually by the downloading the update.zip file to your SD card.  But if you are new to flash software and Android technology, it is recommended that you walk into official service centers and ask them to upgrade your device.

A point of warning:
In case a device is rooted an OTA upgrade won’t get through and will fail to install generally. It might even brick your Android device and render it worthless. However, you can readily UnRoot your device (return to inventory android version) and then install the update.

OTA update Methods

You can install ota updates automatically when manufacture sends OTA updates on your device, Or you can install OTA zips manually too you will have to get the OTA update zip from the official website. Like Google and OnePlus release OTA zip on their websites so you can apply update from adb if you have OTA zip.

How to Check for OTA updates:

You can check availability of update on your device as follows:

  • Go to the settings menu on your Android phone.
  • Select “About phone” option from the menu.
  • In the preceding menu click on System updates, it will tell you the last time you checked for update and you can further click on check now option to check again.

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