What You Should Know About Creating a Dating App

In the day and age of technology, using applications has become a part of our lives, be it for booking movie tickets or communicating. The topic I’m going to touch is a bit sensitive but is still a talking point. Dating apps are a thing, you like it or not. Modern-day demanding jobs don’t leave much free time so communicating with someone who shares similar interests is a bliss. Making a profile on a dating app mostly gets a match.

There are people who have met on a dating app and are still together while some have grown to hate it. Your experience will vary. There are tonnes of dating apps that can suit your likes and dislikes and while Tinder has gotten more right swipes, the business of dating apps is lucrative. It’s a given that people might have great ideas on how to make a dating app that could differ from what we have used but many think that making a dating app requires a lot of money and resources. While both are true, you only need a lot of skills and less of money and resources if you have it in you.

Today, we’ll inform you about the basics of making a dating app and how you can actually make one. So, without any further ado, let’s begin!

Strategies to remember to make a dating app:

Core functioning – Before you go deep into the ideas, consider approaching this subject with a few things. Firstly, decide the core functioning of your dating app. For instance, Tinder is known for its intuitive swipe gestures, while the Hater dating app is known for matching people with the same dislikes.

Benefits – This one is tricky. Of course, you are doing it for the passion but it should also pay your bills. So, decide on what could you benefit from making this app. And then decide how!

Structure and design – You now have to decide on the dating app structure. Firstly, choose a catchy name that can be pronounced correctly. Tinder, Grindr, and OkCupid have a catch to them and are equally easy to pronounce. Remember, people will promote your app with ‘word of mouth.’ The other factor that matters a whole lot is the target audience. Here you can decide the minimum age (that should echo with your country’s laws), for a particular age, or a specific region. The next thing is a bit ‘eye-candy’ factor. The UI/UX of the app matters a lot as if the design is bad, it won’t receive any attention. You should go for a simple and intuitive build. Bright colors with distinguishable buttons will make the cut.

Tools to make a dating app – You will need to know or hire people who know the in and out of developing an application. To create a dating app, you should first get acquainted with the Programming languages. You can choose Java, Kotlin, or Swift. Now, decide on the frameworks. It is a layered structure showing what kind of programs can or should be built and how they would interrelate. These include Node.js, Express.js, Next.js, React Router. For the database, choose PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis. You will also need to select a basic cloud storage option, and Amazon S3 is good. Another thing that matters the most is web servers. Now, coming to how to execute the payment. You can either use PayPal, Stripe. So, the last thing is some utilities. Your app can’t work without location so Google Maps is a must. Also, count in Google Analytics. Optimizely provides two versions of a  platform of a web page that can be compared for performance and multivariate testing. Twilio enables software developers to make and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages, and perform other communication functions using its web service APIs. Elasticsearch provides a distributed, multitenant-capable full-text search engine with an HTTP web interface and schema-free JSON documents. These tools can be altered as per your needs

MVP features – These are some extremely important features that you can’t ignore while making a dating app.

Social sign-in – Let users sign-in from their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Google accounts. This will save them the hassle of registration. 15-26 hours (minimum-maximum).

User profile – This one is a must as, without a profile, there’s no dating app. Chief information from the user’s social networks should be extracted. Users should also have blank spaces to write about their likes/dislikes, etc. 45-67 hours.

Settings – This option should include filters, like a profile with/without a picture, sound effects, privacy, blocking, etc. 20-29 hours.

Geolocation – This will enable users to select people based on the proximity of their region. Users should have the freedom to choose dates from nearby locations. 5-10 hours.

Matching – Integrate AI-based algorithms so that matching in terms of age, likes/dislikes, hobbies, location becomes easier. 70-90 hours.

Chatting – Users would want to chat with their dates to know them better. Add the ability to use GIFs, stickers, etc. that will ease the flow of communication. 131-189 hours.

Push notifications – This will enable real-time notifications from the app so that the users know who has messaged them. This will save some time. 13-20 hours.

Gestures – If you think swiping gestures are fun and intuitive, by all means, include them into your app. This will also make way for a simple app interface. 11-14 hours.

Monetization – Now that we have got all the main parameters sorted out, let’s get to the money. How much does it cost to make a dating app? Considering you will be opting for both, Android and iOS markets, you will have to fork out  $16,500 while it can stretch $24,050 and higher. How was this cost calculated? Well, every feature will take a certain time required for the development. It is already highlighted in the MVP features section. You can calculate these at the average hourly price of $50.

How to make money – You can choose a wide range of monetization methods. We’ll take a look at it now.

Premium – This is the most preferred way of making money. You can throw in all the features and charge users a single fee in order to use them. Nowadays, people don’t mind spending on apps that are useful. Moreover, Google Rewards and Play Store sales might help you fetch more users. You can make this an ad-free version, whereas the free app would have advertisements. Premium apps mean more so you should give people a reason to upgrade. Filters to extend the users’ search can also be added.

Freemium – This is another option to monetize your app. Your app can be downloaded for free but some features will have to be paid for, through in-app purchases. These might include gifts to be sent through chats, or additional swipes, etc.

Advertisements – 90% of apps survive because of advertisements. Although they are a bit annoying, you can place them intelligently. You could also promote your other businesses through ads on your dating app.

Essentials – Here, we’ll take a look into some of the essential things that you need to take care of. This could be a deal-breaker for the users.

Bug-free app – This one’s a no brainer! Ask yourself, would you use an app that is great but is too buggy? I think no. So ensure that your app is fully tested and is bug-free during the launch. Of course, once it’s launched, you can always update it easily. But don’t let it come to that.

Time – Developing a basic dating application takes a minimum of 330 hours. I said basic, so if you have something fancy in mind, the time may vary. You mustn’t haste while making your own dating app as it can get buggy and could feel half-baked.

Customer Care – I hated it when Uber didn’t have customer care in India. It feels much better to have any means of communication to report something unusual, be it via an e-mail or through a phone call.

Promotion – If you are pouring your valuable time and money into your pet project, make sure you don’t ignore promoting it. Today, there are several means of promoting a service or a product; social media tops the list. Create a free account on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and hire some witty/sensitive PR people to write captions and comments.

There are literally hundreds of dating apps that have unique features but the mind has no limit, so your idea might just end up making you a millionaire. Even though the functionality of many apps is the same, your app should have that X factor to make users click the install button. Keep all the above-outlined parameters in mind and mix it up with some of your creative ideas to make a likable dating application.


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