WhatsApp adds Call Waiting feature for Android

Although, there's no Call Holding feature yet.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has just released a significant update for Android. Versions 2.19.352 of the stable Android app, along with 2.19.357 and 2.19.358 bundles call waiting feature that will inform users on a WhatsApp call about another incoming call.

WhatsApp adds Call Waiting feature for Android
Image Source: Gadgets360

Earlier, when Android users on a WhatsApp received an incoming call during an ongoing call, it would get automatically disconnected. A missed call notification is then displayed on the screen. This update will let users choose between ending the current call, in a green button, or declining the incoming call entirely, in a red button. If you choose ‘End & Accept’, the current call will be disconnected and you’ll be connecting to another person.

You might notice that something is missing. It turns out that unlike calls done over a network, there’s no call holding option here. Right now, WhatsApp doesn’t allow users to put the second call on hold and combine two calls. It might be introduced in a future update.

Apart from this, the update also includes a group privacy feature that allows users to decide who can add them to a WhatsApp call. To enable this feature, go to Account > Privacy > Groups in the settings menu. Another feature includes a wider fingerprint lock roll out. Head on to Settings > Account > Privacy > Fingerprint lock.



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