WhatsApp Appoints A US-Based Grievance Officer To Curb Fake News In India

WhatsApp appoints a US-based grievance officer to curb fake news in India. As from the past few months, this Facebook-owned company and Indian Government were not in good terms. The reason behind this cold war was the increasing issue of fake news and hoaxes spreading through this messaging platform.

WhatsApp Appoints A US-Based Grievance Officer To Curb Fake News In India

As India is one of the largest markets for WhatsApp, with over 200 million users. The spread of rumors through this platform is growing increasingly. So to terminate this issue Indian Government wanted WhatsApp to allow them to trace the origins of such hoaxes. But WhatsApp declined this by saying it will harm their privacy setting and security system entirely.

So with all this issue airing, the news of WhatsApp being banned in the country by the Indian Government was buzzing around the Internet. So, to put a full stop to this issue and to give an alternate solution to the Indian Government. The Facebook-owned messaging service WhatsApp has appointed a grievance officer named Komal Lahiri for India. This will meet the demands placed by the Indian Government to curb fake messages without harming WhatsApp’s security system.

According to Komal Lahiri’s LinkedIn profile, she is a senior director, global customer operations and localization, WhatsApp. This step will make sure that WhatsApp users from India can seek help through the mobile app by writing to Komal Lahiri.

A section within FAQ’s read: “You can contact the Grievance officer with complaints or concerns, including the following: WhatsApp’s Terms of Service; and questions about your account”. This clearly states that if any users have trouble on the platform they can reach out to Komal Lahiri the Grievance officer and can file their concern.

In the earlier time, WhatsApp also tried to clear this issue by limiting forwarded messages. Which is for five chats at a time against 250, their earlier number. Also, they removed the quick forward button placed next to media messages to discourage mass forwarding. And has introduced a new update which puts a ‘forward’ label to help users identify such messages.

WhatsApp has also been slapped with two notices with the third one under consideration. Which clearly stated WhatsApp to give an alternate solution for this issue. However, this demand of the Indian Government to trace messages is still no approved by WhatsApp. But to clear this tension they are more concentrated in creating alternative solutions. As allowance for tracing messages is against the idea of user privacy and end-to-end encryption.

So with the appointment of a Grievance officer, let’s see how will it reduce the tension between WhatsApp and the Indian Government.


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