WhatsApp New Features: Soon to Introduce Dark Mode, Group Calling Shortcut & More

WhatsApp has been the most preferred communication app throughout the globe – heck, even Avengers have their own WhatsApp group (how can we get in?). It has changed the way we communicate, so it’s a given that it constantly pushes updates to refine the usage. Today, we bring you a list of upcoming features that would further enhance WhatsApp.

Upcoming Features:

  1. WhatsApp is all set to jump on the bandwagon of dark mode. First spotted in 2.19.87 beta update by WABetaInfo, we got a good look at how the firm is planning on using it. It will be available on both Android and iOS platforms.
  2. After replacing the usual messaging services, WhatsApp gave the video calling apps a run for their money by introducing video calling. Soon, you will be able to use a group calling shortcut, which will place the call icon on the top right corner. You can call up to 3 people. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to start a video call with people who aren’t in your contact list.
  3. Apart from sharing pictures and videos, you get to share a host of files with other people via WhatsApp. With the upcoming update, you will be able to share multiple files, such as PDF, APK file from other applications with two or more contacts. Before sending it, you get a little preview of what you are sending.
  4. With the 2019 updates, WhatsApp users can reply directly from their notification panel to multiple chats, which is a super handy functionality. The upcoming updates will further the use of notification or push notifications panel by viewing a video without the need to open the app.
  5. Remember the messier times when we had to open contacts separately and people in the list only to message them on WhatsApp? That’s going to change as you will soon be able to add contacts within WhatsApp itself. It will even let you choose the user’s country which will automatically insert the country code for that particular user. Neat, right?
  6. After upping the restriction of sending 10 media files to 30, WhatsApp will now let you send a total of 30 audio files.
  7. A ‘Frequently Forwarded’ feature is set to change how we interact with messages. After limiting forwarding messages to only 5 contacts, you will now get an exclusive feature for groups to allow or prevent users from sending the same messages again and again with a separate tab of Frequently Forwarded’. This move seems to coincide with the national election, a move taken to curb fake news.
  8. We all have over 100 people who use WhatsApp, with whom we communicate on a daily basis but it’s annoying that every time we reply to a least favorite contact, the chat is shifted up. You can take a sigh of relief as WhatsApp is currently testing the ‘ranking’ feature which will make messaging less messy.
  9. Sharing contacts on WhatsApp is an easy task. It is all set to get better as WhatsApp is experimenting with Quick Response (QR) code sharable contacts. Users will have to generate a QR code that will include their contact information and once this code is shared, WhatsApp will be kind enough to fill in all the blanks, ultimately adding the contact in your list.

Beside such massive updates, WhatsApp is also pondering a release for iPad which might include split-screen and landscape mode support. It will also get the existing Touch ID support, which is still missing in Android.

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What do you think of these features? Will they change the way we interact with WhatsApp or it’s not a big deal? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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