WhatsApp To Be Banned In Country By The Indian Government?

WhatsApp To Be Banned In Country By The Indian Government?

Is it true that WhatsApp To Be Banned In Country By The Indian Government?

Earlier from August 2018, there is certain news buzzing around the Internet. In relation with the most popular social networking site WhatsApp and the Indian Government. As according to reports this Facebook-owned company is not in good terms with the Indian Government. The reason being regarding the issue of fake news and hoaxes on the platform.

As WhatsApp is one such messaging platform which is not only free of charge but is used by many. Because of which the danger of fake news is increasing day-by-day. And adding to this, WhatsApp has always been at the center of controversy in issues regarding with the spread of misinformation on their platform. And this danger has always been a concerning issue for the Indian Government. Because such news not only risks the safety of the country but also spreads discomfort in the minds of People.

With this concern being in mind. The Indian Government has constantly asked the company to allow the origin of messages to get traced. So that the Government can come across the main person behind this hoaxes. But the platform declined this by saying it would violate its privacy protocol. And even if they do compromise, this will have an adverse effect on their entire security system.

After this refusal from the platform. the Ministry of Electronics and IT says that they plan to send another official letter. And this will be their third letter since July. Also, this letter will clearly mention that if they are unable to meet the security requirements then the company will be on a stake to get ban from the country.

So in regards to this, WhatsApp has taken some preventive measures. Such as limiting forward messages to 5 groups instead of 250 which was earlier. And by labeling forwarded messages that makes them easy to spot. Also, the company has run an awareness campaign in regards to educating people about the spread of misinformation.

But according to Indian Government, this is not the solution to this security issue. They need more evidence and technological solutions to overcome such danger. As WhatsApp saying such changing will harm its privacy protocol so the Government needs some alternatives to trace the origin of a message. Because if such fake and harmful messages keep on forwarding to people then it will create an atmosphere of tension in the country.

So will this discomfort between the two sides will further continue and result in the ban of WhatsApp? Or else WhatsApp will find a solution to terminate this tension and provide the Indian Government with an alternate solution? Well, it all depends on the upcoming future and the conclusion of this latest letter.

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