Why Company Meetings Lead to Successful Companies

Ensuring your business is successful can be as simple as hosting informative meetings on a regular basis. Meetings allow for communication among team members, keeping the supervisors and staff on the same page and ensuring each department understands each other. Without meetings, your employees may feel left in the dark about important updates or other changes to the business. Here’s why company meetings lead to successful companies.

Communication is Key

Any good relationship starts with trust. The most effective way to build trust is through effective communication. Without effective communication, expectations are not relayed (and therefore not met), performance goals are not set, and there is an overall sense of confusion among team members.

Just how important is communication to an effective team? Let’s say you’re running a large project for a very important client, and your team (and you) have not been communicating well with each other or the client. You finish the project and deliver it to the client, only to find that it did not meet their expectations and therefore must be redone.

This costly error could have been totally avoided with some communication among the team and with the client themselves. Many people assume that effective communication simply means listening to what other people have to say. While it’s certainly true that being able to listen is the first step in understanding, comprehending is arguably more vital to the process.

With listening, you’re simply hearing; with comprehension, you’re understanding the words. You get the message and are able to relay it properly to the next person or to your work. Without comprehension, you’re essentially just as lost as you were before you heard the message.

For communication to be effective, there are some simple steps to follow when communicating with your team or anyone else in your life:

  1. Focus on the person who is speaking to you (or whom you are speaking to)
  2. Listen carefully and be sure you understand the overall message, or if you’re speaking, that you’re relaying the overall message in a way that’s understandable.
  3. Ask questions about the message. Never be afraid to revisit something you weren’t sure about.
  4. Make eye contact when you speak or listen.
  5. Be sure to avoid body language that can make you seem closed off, such as crossed arms.

By following these simple steps, you can ensure that you’re communicating effectively not only with team members but with clients as well. Better communication always makes for more efficient and high-quality projects and helps to strengthen the bond of your team.

Keeping Everyone Updated

When there is an important update or change to a project or the company as a whole, it’s crucial that everyone on the team is made aware of it. Big changes are much easier to navigate when everyone is on the same page.

Let’s say your company is making a shift to a new software platform. You didn’t host a meeting on this change, so only yourself and a few others are aware of it. Your employees will likely be incredibly frustrated when the switch is made since they were left in the dark about it and now have to suddenly readjust to new software.

Keeping team members on track with changes gives them advanced warning, allowing for better preparation and adaptation to the changes. A team that can adapt quickly to changes and environments not only survives but also thrives.

Meetings Foster Creativity

Thinking outside the box is what puts the best companies at the top of the corporate food chain. Without creative thinking, you’ll grow stagnant and may even lose some of your customer bases. Sometimes, the greatest creative ideas come from the least likely sources.

When there’s a large problem that needs to be addressed, hosting a meeting can bring together many perspectives and generate creative ideas for solving the issue. You’d be amazed at just how creative your team can get given the right environment and encouragement.

If you can’t meet in person, something like a video or phone conference call can serve as a worthy substitute to a traditional meeting. Using a conference call service for work will ensure the call is of the highest quality audio and is hosted by a trusted source for security.

Give Everyone a Voice

An employee who feels their input is appreciated is much more likely to stay with the company they work for than one who feels underappreciated. A good meeting allows everyone involved to have a chance to voice their own perspective, which is unique and may contain valuable information.

By giving employees a platform from which they can voice concerns or opinions, you’re helping to bridge the gap between departments and management and labor. This bridge will help your team understand each other better, leading to increased cooperation and better outcomes.

Making employees feel appreciated can be as simple as giving them a chance to speak their mind. When your team feels they can trust you to listen to their concerns, problems are likely to be addressed sooner and solutions can be reached in a better time frame.


Without meetings, your company will struggle to overcome obstacles and meet new goals. Your team is the backbone of the business, providing valuable services and creative solutions to problems. Remember that communication is the key to your success. Without it, you’ll have a team that’s constantly scrambling to meet deadlines and address problems.


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