Why invest in SEO? What are the advantages?

When we create a website, it is for it to be seen. Whether it’s an e-commerce oriented site, a showcase site, a blog, a general-interest content site, whether commercial or not. The fact of publishing a site on the web induces that one seeks visibility and that one wishes to reach a more or less precise target market.

SEO strategy = traffic

There are lots of ways to create traffic for a site. You can subscribe to directories, launch advertising campaigns via a control room, use forums, link exchange systems, social networks, and many others. But the search engines are by far the preferred way to increase the traffic of websites. 

Today, it is proven that on average more visitors come to a website via search engines than by actually typing in the websites URL. By optimizing your natural referencing, you theoretically open up between 35%-50% of more doors to increase your current traffic.

SEO brings you qualified traffic

In absolute terms, increasing traffic is a good thing. What a site should seek priority, however, is to increase its qualified traffic. For this, you need to have solid knowledge in SEO to position a site on specific requests and in relation to the activity of the site.

Being positioned on “SEO” brings more traffic. However, it is more interesting for us to be positioned in the last two queries. It’s simple logic. The vast majority of people looking for the term “SEO” do so in search of information or documentation. Positioning on these queries is more relevant when it comes to converting our visitors into customers.

SEO brings visibility

Today, most research to find a professional is done over the internet. Work on SEO by choosing keywords relevant to your business ensures that you are visible to people interested in your products or services.

The user experience is improved

For the user, browsing a site whose content is optimized for SEO is nice, because it is almost certain that the article will respond to his request.

Google puts the first page sites that best answer the questions of Internet users, your site if it is optimized, will make readers want to continue reading, read your future publications or learn more about your services.

SEO is a sustainable competitive advantage

Implementing a successful SEO strategy takes a lot of time and knowledge. This is why companies tend to use  SEO agencies to manage their SEO. But if you have to invest and spend time on the implementation of an SEO strategy and its maintenance, all the benefits will be subsequently free.

Another recurring question is the value of investing in ad campaigns in addition to SEO. That is why the fight for positioning is so fierce nowadays: everyone wants to rank in the top 10 search results because that leads to the most traffic and conversions.

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