Why Ranking first on Google is not enough for Small Businesses

Google is one of the most popular search engines used by a lot of people across the world. As it has gained a monopoly over search engine industry, it is obvious that people look forward to advertising on it without paying much attention to the expenditure. As most people prefer to search for anything on Google, this search engine giant proposes a huge business benefit for those waiting to make a mark.

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Technology is reinventing at a great pace today. Hence, it is important for businesses to keep looking for trendy ways of promoting their products and services from time to time. Ensure looking for other alternatives for promotion as you might skip an important portion of the crowd. This means losses that you can’t afford always.

Why Ranking first on Google is not enough for Small Businesses

Not everybody checks out Google

Google has acquired a lot of customers online, but Google is not the only search engine in the market. Some businesses prefer using other search engine giants such as Yahoo and Bing. At times, it is important to view the world from a different perspective. Investing a huge chunk of money on Google may not be a wise idea always. Total dependence on Google makes you skip an important portion of an audience on a regular basis. There are a few more search engines available, it is strongly recommended to invest money in a fine proportion to attract the audience from different parts of the world.

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Social Media has taken some part of the Audience

Social media channels or platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram has changed the way people search and find information for some time now. Social media channels are completely different from search engines, but a particular purpose can be solved with both the options. It is very much essential to invest some amount of money in social media to market the products, as some part of the crowd has stopped searching in Google and switched over to social media. Social media websites provide accurate information with other additional benefits, where a user can gain more and better information than a search engine in general. It is important to promote on social media channels beyond aiming to rank 1st on Google, as the reputation would be built in a better when the business is available in more sources.


As Google is the most dominating search engine across the world, the competition tends to shoot through the roof. It is important to invest less in promotions, as a wise plan of allotting the budget plays a major role in determining the expected revenue. Taking the focus off ranking for some time and huge investments could be helpful in the long run. Simply because there are other channels and ways to promote your products and services.

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Why Ranking first on Google is not enough for Small Businesses

It is more important to keep up the promotion activities and efforts to reach out to people than desperately trying to rank high on Google. Businesses try more like failed filmmakers when it comes to reaching out to people. They are addicted to Google like Zombies are addicted to blondes in Hollywood. Let us think something different. Reach your audience, not Google.

Try for unique representation

Google does not provide an option to display your advertisement in a unique way. The set of keywords and a piece of text are all that anybody can gamble to make it to the first rank on the search engine. A unique presentation can help you provide information in an easy way, which helps you to attract customers with the help of creativity. An image can express a thousand words and ranking 1st on Google do not give an option for people to present the product or a service with the help of an image. The space and the character limit in the Google are limited and it is very much advised for people to show their products, ideas or services with the help of images in alternative sources like social media platforms, blogs and so on.

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Other Digital marketing channels

There are plenty of ways to market a particular product or a service, as it is important to be present in different sources on a regular basis. Ensure to check out other options other than Google to promote your product, as not any business would like to be left behind with one source of promotion. It is widely recommended for people to be present and active in other digital marketing channels to attract people, who do not visit Google to check for a particular product or service.

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Ranking first on Google is not enough technically, as it is important to be balanced with every source of promotion. A perfect Search engine optimisation technique can help you attract people from different places, but it is very much important to look beyond google, as ranking first on Google is not enough to be promoted in an organic way.

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