Why SEO Might Someday Become An Individual Discipline In Some Universities?

When I first started studying and practicing search engine optimization, I looked a lot for online courses and specializations in SEO. This was years before I had founded my link building company.

I found to my disappointment that there were very few courses both offline and online tackling SEO as an individual discipline. This struck me as strange as there were so many things for an SEO enthusiast to learn that I really thought it deserved to have its own discipline. It seemed strange to me, that even the biggest tech universities didn’t value SEO enough to think it merited its own specialization. Now, let’s talk about the future of SEO as a discipline.

SEO education, online resources, courses, workshops, and educational resources have been on an ever-growing increase for the past few years. More and more SEO-focused companies are creating e-books, courses, and materials that they’re providing for free in order to attract readers and customers to their websites.

One of the things that pushed me to write and publish an SEO book myself was the fact that I had already written so many educational resources and blog posts about SEO, that I thought it would be a good idea to compile all of these valuable resources into a well-structured e-book SEO guide for beginners. I was surprised to see the significant number of people interested in learning about search engine optimization.

This is why I’m convinced that SEO will eventually become an individual specialization; because there is simply too much demand for it, SEO today is more than ever replacing traditional marketing tools and method and even paid online ads, and marketing, as people become more and more interested and reactive to organic search results rather than paid marketing. This is even apparent in social media and the way users are nowadays responsive to indirect marketing done by influencers rather than paid ads.

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