Xiaomi’s ‘Quick Apps’ has been Blocked by Google Play Protect; Here’s why

Google Play Protect is blocking any updates to the Quick Apps.

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is under Google Play Protect’s scrutiny as one of its apps has been blocked by citing a violation of the Play Protect Policy. ‘Quick Apps’ is a pre-installed app that updates the internal apps and services. It’s interesting that the app itself isn’t available on the Play Store but instead distributed on Xiaomi’s own platform.

Xiaomi's 'Quick Apps' under Play Protect Scanner

Google Play Protect scans all the apps installed on your phone, whether or not it is available on the Google Play Store. Google Play Protect even scans sideloaded APKs. This issue was highlighted by many users on Reddit and Twitter. The users reported that they received a popup from Play Protect informing them that an update to the Quick apps has been blocked as “This app can collect data that could be used to track you.”

Medium, the digital publisher, also highlighted the issue when an author explained in detail the threats Quick Apps can is vulnerable to. This makes it clear that Xiaomi uses this data to push targeted advertisements to its users that pop up on their lock screen, news widget, within browser ads, and more places around the system.

The app has been in the good books of the Play Protect Scan for long so that means there was something in that update that triggered Google’s automated anti-malware protection. As of this article, the app remains blocked and Xiaomi will have to make some changes.


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