You can now make or receive calls from your PC, thanks to Your Phone app

The feature will is rolling out worldwide as we speak.

Microsoft’s ambitious Your Phone App now has a feature that would keep us focused on the work front. A new update now enables calling or answering phone calls straight from your computer. The feature was earlier limited but it is now available to all.

You can now make or receive calls from your PC, thanks to Your Phone app

The app easily syncs your notifications, text messages and even reply to them. You can even share images between your phone and PC. But calling from your PC without picking up the phone is a huge thing.

In the Your Phone app on your PC, you can now dial a number or search contacts to make a call. The app will also let you check the history and transfer calls from your PC back to your phone. Once the update reaches every device, picking up your phone for every single task will be unnecessary.

Windows Insider also tweeted about the same. If you recall, the Your Phone App gained momentum when Microsoft had partnered with Samsung for an exclusive feature. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 users just need to toggle on the ‘Link to Windows’ and everything from your phone could be seen on the PC. There’s even a screen mirroring option.

To use this feature, users with Android phones must be running Android 7 or newer, Windows 10 PC build 18362.356 or later, and both devices must have Bluetooth support. Now to connect your Android device to the Your Phone app. Now you will be able to see the option to make calls on your Windows 10 PC inside the app. The feature has some bugs as but hopefully, Microsoft should fix them soon.


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