You can now make WhatsApp Voice and Video Calls with Google Assistant

Google Assistant has been a great, er, assistant! You could ask her about the weather, open camera and click pictures, even book a cab for you. It can also text people in your contacts, including Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and Viber. You can now request for WhatsApp voice and video calls to your Assistant, which will be a welcomed addition.

You can now make WhatsApp Voice and Video Calls with Google Assistant
Image Source: CNET

You see, Google Assistant can send messages via WhatsApp, record and send voice notes from WhatsApp as well as read incoming messages. This new feature will help millions of users who can’t pick up their phone. You could request the Assistant for a voice call but it placed a network call to the person you wanted to contact, and video calls were done through Hangouts or Duo.

This might be especially beneficial for people residing in countries where call rates are sky-high. Google hasn’t confirmed anything regarding the new update but it will be safe to assume that placing WhatsApp voice/video calls through the Assistant will only be limited to smartphones. Smart devices can’t open WhatsApp and make calls, the way your smartphones can. So if you own a Google Nest Hub, trying to make audio calls through WhatsApp will be a waste of time.

Once you call up the Assistant, you should be able to say “Hey Google, WhatsApp video Harsh” make the call through WhatsApp. Google says you can do it now but it seems that the feature is either being tested or Google is yet to roll out this update globally as I tried to use it but the Assistant could not do so. It kept telling me “Sorry, I can’t make audio calls yet.”

You can now make WhatsApp Voice and Video Calls with Google Assistant

If you to try this and don’t get a response, you will need to wait as this is the patented “slow rollout” from Google, which might take days, or even weeks for everyone to access it.


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