‘Youka’ will allow you to create karaoke songs out of any YouTube video

The service most likely uses Spleeter.

I am sure that many of you at some point might have failed to seek out your favorite music in a karaoke music ebook but now with Youka, you can create karaoke songs out of any YouTube video. “YouTube to karaoke,” isolates vocals from tracks and pulls lyrics from sites online. Andy Baio, a technologist said that the service most likely uses Spleeter, which is an open-source AI tool that isolates vocals from songs.

'Youka' will allow you to create karaoke songs out of any YouTube video
Image Source: theverge.com

Youka’s creator says that the service supports more than 108 languages so it’ll work on non-English songs as well. Also, the vocal isolation will work both ways and will allow you to listen to the karaoke version of a song with no vocals and just the instrumentals, or the a cappella version with vocals only. Moreover, the app will work for almost every other song as long as there are lyrics available for it online.

Youka’s creator said that the site is currently being hosted on $2,000 in credits from a cloud provider, and running the site is an expensive operation. The creator also said that they are planning to open-source the site before the lawsuit.


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