Your amazing iPhone photos could win you a bar of gold

If you own an iPhone and love to flaunt your worthy photos, then you have a chance to win a gold bar and other goodies. The iPhone Photography Awards are now accepting entries. The deadline for the same is March 31, 2020, and the winners will be announced next summer. To enter the contest, click here.

As per the rules, Photos should not be published previously anywhere and need to originate from an iPhone or iPad. However, the posts on personal accounts are eligible. Photos can not be submitted if it has been altered in a desktop program. Moreover, Contestants are permitted to use iOS apps to edit those pictures.

As per the competition website, “The submissions must be in the original size or not smaller than 1000 pixels in either height or width.”

The categories under which images can be submitted are Abstract, Animals, Architecture, Children, Floral, Landscape, Lifestyle, Nature, News and Events, Panorama, People, Portrait, Series (3 images), Still Life, Sunset, Travel, Trees, Other.

However, you will have to pay to enter the contest. Users will have to pay the following sum of money: for 1 image:$3.50, 3 images:$9.50, 5 images:$15.50, 10 images:$29.50, 15 images:$45.50, 20 images:$57.00, 25 images:$65.50.

Category winners will receive a gold bar while second- and third-place honorees win a palladium bar. The IPPA Photographer of the Year will receive an iPad Air with the top three receiving an Apple Watch Series 3.


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