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More and more often, we see that people, who need to start any business project, create a website or to upgrade their blog are contacting with freelancers. It could be for any reason: low price, a well-known person who was recommended by someone, ignorance of other variants for solving a problem. Anyway, if you are reading this article, you know that using the services of freelancers isn’t a good idea. Now we will tell you why.

Youteam Review
Giving the example of Youteam, international software development company, we can say that if a person wants to work there, he or she must forget about freelance and all that connects to it. Each app developer for hire must go through the interview with the staff on different levels. Then the instructor will check all reviews that belong to the future employee. If the situation isn’t good, your road in Youteam could be over. Good app developer for hire must work a lot to have complete skills in one single branch, and only then moving to another.

There were many examples when a person was learning application and software development in many spheres at one time. Then, while working with an order, he or she realizes that his or her skills aren’t so good for this current work. The person will lose money and clients who will know that this developer is low skilled.

In Youteam you won’t meet likely people. Every app developer for hire had at least three or four years experience working with one current sphere. Therefore, when you will choose the platform or software that concerns your problem, you will know that developers will do an excellent job.

If talking about prices, you will know that in Youteam we have strong prices on current projects and types of work.

Freelancers could make prices higher or lower concerning to the number of orders they have. Here every app developer for hire has strong salary and social package and, of course – official employment. It means that you won’t have any problems with your orders.

Now you know why working with freelancers is not as good as you think. Workers from big companies have high prices for work, but the quality of this work is also very high. Not every freelancer could work with powerful equipment or in he could spend days working on a huge project. Developers in Youteam could make it for 24 hours or even faster.

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