YouTube amaze creators with new harassment policy

It will not tolerate malicious insults like racial accusations.

Google-owned YouTube on Wednesday revealed a new harassment policy. According to the policy, it will not tolerate malicious insults like racial accusations and also includes content uploaded that harasses protected groups and minors. The updated harassment policy will also include veiled and implicit threats along with explicit ones. Also, any content that alludes to violence against an individual will no longer be allowed on the platform.

YouTube amaze creators with new harassment policy
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The new policy also specifies that it will take action against specific videos as well as channels that have a history of uploading this kind of content. Moreover, the company has listed examples of exemptions to the policy, like scripted performances, educational content, or even topical issues related to high-profile people, like politicians and CEOs.

The new policy also covers the comments and that YouTubers who run afoul of the new harassment rules can find their individual content removed and their channels demonetized, suspended, or even deleted. According to YouTube, all of these updates represent another step towards protecting the YouTube community.


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