YouTube Channel Building – What are the top avenues to get YouTube views?

There are tons of ways to develop your YouTube channel, but it all hinges on those all-important views – and not random one-off visitors, but visitors who become fans, subscribe, engage, share your content and come back for more.

Focusing on the most effective ways to increase quality viewing numbers is key, but for the best and fastest results being selective in the avenues you choose is vital. Read on for our take on the best ways to tackle this challenge.

YouTube Channel Building

1. Use a custom image for the thumbnail image of each video

Choosing something original, relevant and eye-catching will not only attract interest from those browsing through search results, but it also relays the message that you are dedicated to the reader experience.   

2. Write a high-quality channel description

You don’t need to use all the 1k words available, but what you do write should be engaging and clearly lay out what you are about and what kind of content you post.

Basically, you need to have a viewer see the value in subscribing and returning for more.

3. Network with other YouTubers in your niche

It doesn’t always have to be about competition, especially when doing projects with others in your category means you get exposure to fans that are likely to watch and subscribe to your content, once they know it exists.

This can be in the form of making a video together or interviewing others in the field.

4. Maximize the power of social media platforms

Rather than randomly joining and posting across the spectrum of possible platforms begin by identifying those which are the best bet to source your target market viewers, then focus primarily on those.

For example – if Instagram is your priority you can commit to creating connections there but also maintain a presence on Twitter by using an auto-posting service, and on Facebook, with a fan page you update on a workable schedule.

The key points when using social media to grow a YouTube channel are:

  • consistency – a low key but regular posting plan is better than ad hoc flurries of activity.
  • relevant content – exploit all options to engage, but avoid things like cute random cat videos if that is unrelated.
  • engaging posts – always ask yourself, does this post add value?
  • using hashtags effectively – Do yours represent keywords a user may search for?
  • engaging with the audience – even if you don’t post daily make sure you respond promptly (and politely) to all messages and posts.

5. Be aware of SEO

Using the right words in your content titles and copy is a great way to be noticed by search engines. There are lots of SEO tutorials free online if you need help with this.

These ideas are the cornerstones to building a solid and loyal audience for your YouTube channel. It’s not a complete list by any means, but the best approach to secure your channel as something to both watch and watch out for.

Of course, there are other “non-organic” ways of building up your channel, such as building views. Whether or not you choose to do this is entirely your decision, it does have some drawbacks but it can be very effective at establishing within the space.

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