YouTube gives Creators more control over the Comments section

Google-owned video-sharing website YouTube is a popular medium for entertainment as well as to exchange information. But it’s not all good as YouTube’s comments section has lately been a filthy place, thanks to people’s nasty comments. Keeping this in mind, YouTube is considering some changes. Now, creators will get control over the conversations that take place below their videos. YouTube announced this in their blog.

YouTube gives Creators more control over the Comments section

The changes include: ‘Pinned comments,’ which promote a specific comment by pinning it to the top of the creator’s feed; ‘Creator hearts’ lets you show some love by giving a heart to your favorite comments; ‘Creator usernames’ will let you when you comment on your channel and your username will appear under the text with a pop of color around it so that your viewers can easily tell that the comment is coming from you.

Google’s the blog post read, “Previously, searching by keyword only showed you comments with an exact match (so searching ‘subs’ would only find ‘subs’). With this update, you’ll see search results beyond exact match (so now you’ll also see ‘subscriber’ or ‘subscribers’ for that same search).”

Other changes include choosing moderators, blacklisting certain words and phrases, and raising potentially inappropriate comments for review. It seems that Apple might finally enable comments in their videos.


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