YouTube Music can now Download 500 Songs Instinctively based on your Music History and Likes

YouTube Music is a phenomenal music streaming service that is preferred by millions and there’s a reason for it. Music has improved over-time and Google has enhanced its performance. Music lovers with enamored with the Offline Mixtape, which automatically downloaded a specified number of songs which were only based on the type of songs you listened to and your likes. It is all set to improve as Google is pushing an update as we speak.

YouTube Music can now Download 500 Songs Instinctively based on your Music History and Likes

YouTube Music’s Smart Downloads tab is getting more smarter. It can now automatically download 500 songs based on the playlists you’ve frequented or the songs you like. This will be an addition to the Offline Mixtape feature. You can still set a limit to how many songs will be downloaded by YouTube Music. Moreover, the tracks will be downloaded at night when your phone is connected to Wi-Fi so you don’t have to get anxious that this feature will consume all your mobile data.

Don’t get too excited though. This means the app will control what music you listen to and just because you listened to a track the other night, doesn’t mean that you’ll like the follow-up suggestions.

What good could the smart downloads do? And how does it affect it? Well, mostly, you don’t have to scourge through a list of songs you aren’t sure about, which if you have the said 500 songs already downloaded in your phone, then you’ll be spared the soulless streaming search. 500 songs are a lot, don’t you think? Would you enable this feature and let an application decide which songs who should listen to? Let us know your opinions on in the comments section below.


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