YouTube to introduce a massive ad box to its TV app

Most people prefer to watch YouTube videos on their TV every day but now to their surprise the company has announced masthead for its TV application that will include a considerable video advertisement. According to a Google press release, advertisements on the TV app will autoplay for viewers after a few seconds on all compatible devices.

Google says that YouTube is the number-one ad-supported streaming TV platform in both reaches and watch time, with TVs its fastest-growing device at 250 million hours watched per day. Moreover, YouTube has opened Masthead TV ads to advertisers via a global beta, and it can be purchased on the traditional CPM scale.

In the blog post, the company mentions how it gives advertisers the ability to target cord cutters and how it can drive a 10% increase in recall versus traditional TV ads. The company also states that they want to increase their benefits in the most prominent way.

Marketers will be allowed to purchase the YouTube Masthead on TV screens on a cost-per-thousand basis. It will be made available as a reserved placement to ensure brands can drive the visibility they need and can be purchased as part of a cross-screen or single-screen Masthead buy.


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