How To set a pin lock on whatsapp

In today’s digital times, privacy is a luxury very few of us have. We lead and spend our time the virtual way. From private information to important ones, from pictures to credit card details we all have in this store in a mini device that accompanies us wherever we go. That is our best friend the smartphone! It is the most important tool in our life that we use to communicate. And when talking about communication, of course, Whatsapp has to come in the picture. We instant text, share pictures and have group chats on this beloved app. Many secrets are spilled or conversations happen that I am sure you would love to keep private. Imagine someone snooping on your phone when you aren’t aware of it. Won’t you want that you secure your phone from such nosey people? Of course yes. There are various apps out there that can help you out in doing so. In this post, we are going to show you how you can set a pin on your Whatsapp to secure it from others with malicious intent.

How To set a pin lock on WhatsApp

Here we are using the “Vault” app. This app not only helps you in setting an app lock but also has various features that set it apart from the rest.

  • Search and download “Vault” from the Play Store or download it from here.
  • Open the app and allow it access to your phone.
  • The ”Vault” will require Device Administrator permission to enable App Lock and stealth Mode features.
  • After you are done click on the “Arrow” that appears at the bottom of the screen. 
  • It will then ask you to set a password.
  • After the password is set click on “OK” and next.
  • Choose “App Lock” from the various options that are displayed on the screen.
  • From there choose “Whatsapp”, since you want to set a pin lock on it. ( You can also choose other apps that you want to set a pin on).
  • Then click on “Lock”.
  • Next, choose the Basic App Lock option and click on Ok.
  • Then authorize the Floating Windows option since the app needs it in order to run the App Lock function properly.
  • After allowing the app the access it needs, click on “Activate”.
  • The “Vault” will then lock your Whatsapp and now it will be only accessible to you when you enter your pin.

This is how you can set up a pin for Whatsapp or any other app you want.

Other features of the app that are very useful are-

  1.  Hide and Protect Photos & videos.
  2.  Hide and Protect SMS.
  3.  Contacts/Call logs Protection.
  4.  Private Browser.
  5. Data Transfer.
  6.  Password recovery.

You can also choose your pick from below-

1. AppLock

AppLock is a compact lightweight app that lets you lock any app in easy few steps. The most basic features of the application will lock the apps that you have chosen so that nobody can access them without your consent. The app works in a very simple way. Now you never have to worry about your parents sneaking on to your phone without you knowing about it. The best feature of the app is that you can hide the icon of the app so nobody knows that you are using it.

Main Features:

  1.  Lock apps with password, pattern, or fingerprint lock.
  2.  Vault: hide pictures and videos.
  3.  Well-designed Themes.
  4.  Incognito browser.
  5.  Intruder Selfie: take photos of invaders.
Download the App

2. LOCKit – App Lock, Photos Vault, Fingerprint Lock

Add an additional safety net to your phone by installing “LOCKit”. If it freaks you out when others take your phone and secretly view your private contents then here is your chance to make it safe for you. You can l0ck apps using pin, passwords or fingerprint. And also you can hide pictures from your gallery to the vault of the app. This facilitates that no picture of you are seen by anyone else unless you choose to.

Main Features:

  1.  App lock.
  2.  Photo Safe Vault.
  3.  Video Safe Vault.
  4.  Notification Lock.
  5. Hide pattern draw path and be invisible.
Download the App

3. Security Master – Antivirus, VPN, AppLock, Booster

This app redefines the scope of Phone Security. It protects not only your phone but your security too. It has all the necessary features to keep your phone safe and healthy. The apps famous big button design intelligently diagnoses your most needed solution. This app has all the features that you would need in order to remain safe from intruders.

Main Features:

  • Antivirus.
  • Junk Clean.
  • Disguise cover.
  • Intruder Selfie.
  • Message Security.
Download the App

I hope the above article helped you in understanding how you can set up a pin for your Whatsapp. If you still have any doubts you can write them down in the comment section below. You can also choose an app from the list we provided that suits your liking.

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