The PlayStation app shows that Sony wants you to do more things remotely

Sony has revamped its PlayStation App for Android and iOS. The PlayStation 5 is a few weeks away, and the redesign signifies that you can remotely launch games, manage storage on the console, sign in to PS5.

The redesigned app means PlayStation 5 owners can manage a lot of things, some of which are mentioned above, giving freedom to the users without the need to interact directly with the console.

The all-new design is the talk of the town. The home screen is overhauled and exudes a much cleaner look. You’ll also notice that the app is much organized.

The new app lets you buy a game digitally, download and launch a game, manage the storage space, check the latest software update, etc. The app’s spotlight feature is creating a group and voice chat as Sony has integrated its messaging system; no need to download the PS Messages app.  If you plan to play Dead by Daylight or COD, you can use the app to set everything.